"Ster" Cute
Cute … she was so cute !
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Cute came out of a litter of 9 pups, and had 4 litters with a total of 17 pups herself.
Her nickname, my GOLDfish not just because of her colour but because of her character of GOLD. :o)))

I am so grateful to her for her daughter Pip that lives with me.
Cute was a very easy bitch in everyday life and eager to learn like all my dogs.
Together we ran in many agility trials.
1st grade made us Regional Champion, and the same with 2nd grade the year after that.
I’ll never forget the 2nd grade Belgium Championship – our first run was clean and we ended first.. The second run was also clean and again we ended first – placing us overall first so we needn’t hurry during our third and final run.
I didn’t quite know how the system worked so I wasn’t nervous and enjoyed every minute of it.
While checking the 3rd course, I thought I might run into trouble at one particular part.
However, we had to run last and no other dog had any problem at that specific spot, so that gave me courage and I thought I had been mistaken.
Then the moment was finally there, it was our turn.
You could have heard a pin drop among the spectators… Oops, wrong turn,
Cute took a jump instead of the tunnel (she never really liked them) and the whistle cried “DISQ!”.
Everyone was disappointed but I didn’t really mind because for a short while we were very close to that first place, something I never could have dreamt. Afterwards many people told me we were the general favourites.
Oh well, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t like Cute.
We kept on running in 3rd grade.
In 3rd grade we managed to qualify for the European Championship in the Czech Republic. That was the absolute highlight of our agility career.
Once in a while we also ran in 2nd class sheepdog trials abroad, where she was regularly placed high as well.

I’m very sad to say that her health suddenly deteriorated quickly in a matter of only 3 days so we had to let her go.

There may be other bitches carrying the name “Cute”, but there will always be one GOLDfish..