"Ster" Luna
Luna ... My first Border Collie ... The girl were everything started with ...
The girl that was more than worth it to call the kennel after her.
°02-10-'98       +27-01-'14
All in all Luna gave us 28 wonderful puppies in 4 different litters.
Two of her pups Cute & Jay as well as her granddaughter Moon have carried on her line in our kennel.
Now I also have her granddaughter Pip and great-granddaughter Shine who will do their best to keep the name of Luna ‘tale’
in high regard as will all her other pups all over the world.
Luna herself was a super border collie to work with on the farm with the sheep and loved herding.
She had her own ideas about how the work should be carried out and needed very little help from me to keep the flock under control.
Luna was bright, clever, charm and beautiful but most of all she had an enormous charisma
that I have yet to encounter in any other border collie.
Luna changed my whole world.
She made me so happy and I’ll be forever grateful to her that she gave me this new world, a new and wonderful life!

As I’ve always said,
The ONE and ONLY.
Luna my star