The Boys

Official name : Geronimo Alkyra


Tall : 57 cm     Weight : 21 kilo

CEA/PRA : free 2012

Gonioscopie : Free less then 25% fibrae latae: not affected

DNA CEA/CH : Normal bye parentage

DNA TNS : Normal bye parentage

DNA CL : Normal bye parentage

DNA MDR1 : Normal

HD :    ED : 0/0   ED (OCD) : 0/0

Behavior test - Succeeded


Breeding certification : Yes



HERE you can see Jimi his offspring from outside my kennel
Because of his great work ability on sheep and his calmness inside the house
a stud dog for appropriate and approved bitches !

Jimi inherits : black, brown, saddle pattern and all these colors in tri and probably blue & lilac as well.
Since I received applications from abroad to send Jimi's frozen semen or fresh diluted semen,
this will be possible on request from now on.

Jimi our male from the Czech Republic.
This red saddle pattern dog is out of working lines (herding, agility, rescue and even IPO)
Bloodlines such as Astra, TJH, Rising Sun and Gulden Land will sounds familiar for many of you.
Jimi is very "cool" is his had so he's very easy to live with !!!
He has just like our girls a perfect on/off bottom.

Thanks Alena to trust us and giving this wonderful dog, it has to be "faith" that he still come to us at 4.5 months.

During Jimi's expertise in making sheep and duck-herding in Czech Republic,
it was obvious that he was interested in it from the the first moment.
In Belgium he also immediately showed us how interest he was in sheep, he showed a great drive with style and
his flanks are just marvelous he keep a distance from 30 meter at least and still has push enough to keep them going.
I have just started him in training, but already he is able to make small outruns about 150 meters.
Also when he works with sheep he's always keeping his had cool so,
together with his natural talent for herding it's nice to work with him !
He listens very well and is not weak in any way.

Jimi loves to train agility.
Everyone can work with hims he's just so easy and such a good listener on the agility field.
In the past he ran some competitions and he will maybe run some more in the future.
His first competition he ran even a clear run so he already one pint for grade 2 :o)))

Jimi loves all human but specialy kids, he loves to cuddle with them.
Above that he wants to work with everyone also with strangers !!!

Jimi lives with our friends Karen & Niels and their kids Liv & Bente.
Below Jimi together with his two girls @ home Bee & Joya .
I am very pleased that they welcome him into their home, my greatest thanks for this.

Jimi from day 1 till 1 year