The girls

/Official name: Ment to Be for LT


Tall : ± 50 cm     Weight : 12,5 kg

Black/white : carrier tri-color

CEA/PRA : clear as puppy and 2023

My DOG Dna : Clear on 272 tests EAOD incl.

HD = A  ED = 0/0 SD (OCD) = 0/0    LTV = Perfect

DNA footprint : Yes



Be, the puppy that actually belonged to Gin & Maverick ...
But now from Mai and Cougar, Maverick is her grandfather and I wanted to bring that line in for a long time.
Cougar, her father is from pure ISDS lines which I am a fan of.

Above 1 day

12 weeks

Be 1 year

will get the chance to try do some agility for fun.
She has a perfect jumping style and drive, more we didn't need to know.

her first time on sheep was amazing !
We hope she has as much as interest in these critures as we do :o)
But it looked promising already, so we will see what the future will bring us.

Be live with my friend Tom and his 3 dogs, Margot, Kollet & Lizz
Tom will raise Be and later they will join sports in what they both liked the most
I am very pleased that he welcome her into his home, my greatest thanks for this.

Be from day 1 till 7 weeks