Our girls

Official name : Luna Tale Qurious Booh


Tall : ± 51,5 cm     Weigjht : 15,5 kilo

CEA/PRA : free 2017-2023

DNA CEA/CH : Normal true parentage

DNA CL : Normal true parentage

DNA TNS : Normal true parentage

DNA MDR1 : Normal true parentage

DNA IGS : Normal true parentage

HD = A  ED = 0/0  SD (OCD) = 0/0  Spin = perfect

Behavior test : YES

Breeding certification : YES

DNA profile : 248847



Booh is born out of two amazing parents, which I have both imported.
With the speed and jumping techniques of daddy
Beat and the herding style of mommy Bess,
as well as the will to please in everything they do in agility and herding, I couldn't do something else but keep one myself.

Booh Day 1

Why ...
Although I want a black tricolor one for such a long time, this playful face put a smile on my face from day one.
She's the one that conquered my heart after the loss of
Luna & Cute.

She just love the game already.
Booh will run Rc's on dogwalk and A-frame
Her evolution of this you can follow on her video page.
Booh got her agility license half of June 2018 and in March 2019 she already run in grade 3
Without never missing the A-frame or Dogwalk in running contacts, so PROUD of this girl.

In 2018 Booh took part as a "white" dog at the BCC in Slovakia
She run different runs clear and once she was even
1e with the BEST time
This was her first onofficial International competition.

In 2019 Booh took part at the EO try-outs ( she just turned 2 years)
After 6 runs she ended on the
8e place from more then 200 teams.
So she was selected for her first
EO in the Netherlands !!!!

In 2020 Booh took part at the WC try-outs ( she just turned 3 years)
After 6 runs she ended on the
3e place and was is a perfect position.
Unfortunaly EO and WC was canceld that year of Corona Virus !!!

In 2022 Booh took part at the WC try-outs.
She ended
5th place so she was reserve for Belgium

In 2022 Booh took part at Slovenian Agility Open
With her team she ended on the
3th place in the Finals :o)
4th in the Indivual Finals !!!

She is th eperfect mix between her mom and dad when I see her working on sheep.
She got style, presure and eye but not to sticky.
And is a very good lisner also when working on sheep !

Booh together with her daddy Beat

Booh 8,5 weeks
Booh from day 1 till 8months