The Boys

Officiële naam : Wanderers of Saint Wendelin Duke


Hoogte : 52,5 cm     Gewicht : ? kilo

CEA/PRA : Vrij 2019

Gonioscopie : Will come in 2020

DNA CEA/CH : Normal true ouders

DNA MDR1 - DH - IGS - DH - PLL - MH -
NCL - SN - TNS - SLC3A1 - HUU : Normal

HD = To young   ED = To young  SD (OCD) = To young
HL1 + HL2 - Normal

DNA-analyse : YES



Duke is very smart, open minded, curious, very clever, learn fast,
a very nice dog with other dogs also male dogs and puppy's.
Veeeeeery cuddely, but also a little cheeky :O)
He loves to play, want to be the first, every time, and he does do everything for Katja.
He's growing up nicely so far and we will see were our journey will lead us.

Duke 9 weeks

Duke 3 mnd

Duke 5 months

Duke op 5 maanden

Duke, is our first boy that we inport from Hungary
Behind Duke there are many nice herding dogs (Astra) & agility once that catch mu eye.
Like Eiri Greme bloodline that is very willing and famous in our agility world,
also the parents of Raider ( Indian Oak Rayzer & Rising Sun Spin) from Iwona Golab.

Duke has been once to the sheep and he showed us interest for sure.
This summer we will go back on sheep with him and will see if he is talented to work on it further.

Duke will sure get the opportunity to do agility.
Now he is still young and except of groundwork, balance excersises he get lots of walks and swim to make him
grow up nicely and get muscles were needed
He already showed us some nice jumps during our walks in the forest.

Duke is living with our friends Katja & Klaas and ther 2 other LT girls Mo & Mayo.
I am very pleased that they welcome him into there home, my greatest thanks for this.

Duke from day 1 till 7 months