The girls

Official name : Luna Tale Proud Jade


Height : ± 50 cm     Weight : 14 kilo

CEA/PRA : free 2016

DNA CEA/CH : Normal by parentage

DNA CL : Normal by parentage

DNA TNS : Normal by parentage

DNA MDR1 : Normal by parentage

DNA IGS : Normal by parentage

HD = A  ED = 0/0  SD (OCD) = 0/0  Spine = Perfect 

Fokcertificaat : Yes

Sociabilistaitiest = Yes  

DNA code : 223765



Jade born out of great parents.
With the perfection and intelligence of her father Loox and the sheep instinct & speed of her mother Bess.
I could not let go all the girls out of this litter ;o)

Jade 1 day

Jade 7,5 months

has already received the genes from her mother and is in full training.

There is no doubt about her speed and autonomy.
We see how this evolves but there is certainly competition coming :o)
At the moment she runs in grade 2.

does do some obedience to keep her busy.
Although her goal is more in agility and herding she do well in obedience too, read below picture.

In 2016 Jade became Club Champion at the dog shool Hoba !!!


lives with our friends Anke & Debby their daughter Amy and their dogs, Billy, Falco, Fame & Jinx
I am very pleased that they will welcome her into their home, my greatest thanks for this.

Jade from day 1 till 12 months