The Girls

Official name : Luna Tale MoonShine


Height : 50,5 cm        Weight : 16 kilo

B/b (carrier of brown)

CEA/PRA: free 2013

DNA CEA/CL : Normal by parentage

DNA CL : Normal by parentage

DNA TNS : Normal by parentage

DNA MDR1 : Normal by parentage

DNA IGS : Normal

HD = B    ED = 0/0     SD (OCD) = 0/0 

Breeding certificatet : Yes   

Behavior test: Yes

DNA code : 164313      



As the firstborn I was very eagerly pawing to explore the world.
Immediately mommy Moon called for a Luna Tale Board Meeting.
With the invaluable wisdom of great-granny Luna and all the other members of the pack,
I was baptised Luna Tale MoonShine today!

Above Shine with her mom Moon

Shine hovers over the jumps and with speed !
Her work ethic is huge which makes it fun to work with her.
Runs grade 2 FCI @ the moment.


Shine her favorit game is herding !!!
She does do it all day, when she isn't at the sheep then she will take her housmates instead :o)


Shine is a happy girl that is already ready for work and play.

Above that, she is also very fast and almost tireless.

Shine her atletic body although she had puppies on this picture !

Shine lives with our friends Ann & Willem and their dogs, among them LT Haley & Loox.
I am very pleased that they will welcome her into their home, my greatest thanks for this.

Shine from day 1 till 1 year