The Girls

Official name : Luna Tale Waste no Time Zigg


Height : ± 43 cm     Weightt : 8,7 kg (15 weeks)

Color : Black & White carrier Brown & tri

EVCO : free at 8 weeks

My DOG DNA - Clear EAOD by parentage

HD = to young  ED = to young SD = to young  LTV = to young

Behaviour test : to young

DNA analyse : Yes     


Zigg, my second girl out of Cya.
Why her ?
She made me laugh...
and this was something I hadn't done in a long time due to circumstances.
So maybe she will help me move forward in my life and discover new things

A few days young above

Mom Cya teaching who is the boss :o)

Like all my other dogs, Zigg will also have the opportunity to practice this sport
as a hobby and who knows where it will lead us.

Zigg has already showed me her interest in sheep.
Lets see where it will lead us too in the future.

Zigg from day 1 till 16 weeks