LT Offspring

MTF Dear Roy

Roy is born in Norway
Runs agility grade 3
Herding sheep with pleasure and style
Roy lives with our friends Kristina & Guido

He has 35 offspring, out of 2 different girls there was 1 pup with epilepsy therefore he has been removed from breeding.

Astra Jack

Jack born in Scotland
Runs agility grade 2 will sure run in grad 3 in the future !
Jack lives with our friends Charlotte & Nico

Jack was early diagnosed with diabetes and is
therefore never used as a stud.

LT JayMoon

Moon born in my kennel out of Ejay
Runs agility grade 2 and trials klass 1
I have hold Shine out of her

LT Hurricane aka Caine

Caine born in my kennel.
Runs division 1 flyball FCI.
He lives with our friends Peter & Christel.

He has 46 offsprings, in one of his last litters there were 2 with epilepsy thats why he has been removed from breeding.

LT Ejay

Jay born in my kennel out of Luna.
She ran agility grade 2 & trials class 2
She's a real turbo girl in everything she does,
agility, herding as well as in canicross.

Somollis Chap

°02/09/2003           +05/01/2017
Chap born in Sweden out of pure working lines
He works with sheep as a hobby but certainly had
potential to run trials.

He has 32 offspring