About my border collies

I’m Tania Heivers and I live near Antwerp, in Belgium.
In december 1998 my first Border Collie, Luna, came into my life.
Right from the start she was just a dream dog. We started sheep herding together,
and because of her wonderful character and working abilities I decided I wanted to breed with her.

On 02/24/2003 Luna gave me her third litter and my choice
fell upon Luna Tale Cute, a bitch with a new "look".
We started competing in agility and quickly pushed through to the 3rd level.
We were repeatedly selected for the Belgium Championship,
both in the 2nd and 3rd level! Internationally we didn't do bad either:
we participated at the European Open in 2010, and more than once at the BCC

On 05/23/2009 Cute gave me Luna Tale Inspire Pip.
I trained Pip in agility towards World Championship level.
In only 3 years time we acquired the title of Vice Champion at the Antwerp Provincial Championship, we ran in the Belgian country finals at the Border Collie Classic in Denmark and got selected for the European Open in Sweden.
But, the icing on the cake...
Due to medical reasons early 2012 I couldn't start Pip in the new competition season. A friend ran with her and after only 8 WC selections it was BINGO :o)
As a breeder and trainer you can not wish for anything better than that.
In 2012 Pip selected herself for the FCI Agility World Championship !!!
In 2013 Pip was again selected for the FCI Agility World Championship & this time with me :o)
Also we selected ourselves for the individual finals of the Luxembourg Open 2013.
In 2014 we ended 2th during the finals from the BCC in Slovakije with team Belgium.
In 2015 we were again selected for the European Open in Germany.
In 2016 we were again selected for the European Open in France.

On °23/02/2017 Bess & Beat gave me Luna Tale Qurious Booh
In 2018 she run as a white dog at the BCC and took the BEST TIME on one run !
In 2019 & 2022 we selected ourself for European Open te Nederland & Belgium

I have 11 Border Collies: 7 bitches and 4 dogs.
All my bitches are active in two different sports;
one at high competition level and one to enrich their minds and improve their endurance.
Sheep herding is what’s in their genes but agility, if possible, is my priority because of the litters they have.

My goal is to breed Border Collies that are highly motivated to work so that they can enjoy all kinds of dog sports.
This implicates that the health and temperament of my border collies are of utmost importance to me.

I only breed pure working bloodlines and with proud we also can say that all our offspring from 2011 is
normal true DNA on CEA/CH, CL,TNS & MDR1.
In the meantime we test them all true MyDogDNA on more then 100 dna tests !
Also all my breeding dogs are tested on HD, ED & SD and the stud dogs also on Gonioscopie !

Luna is the name of the bitch where everything started with.
Tale refers to the “tale” that Luna has already written and that will be continued through her pups.
This way Luna’s name will be immortal.
Luna is a grandma of more then 80 Border Collies ;o)
and become a grand grand mom for the 1st time in 2008 and in 2012 grand grand grand mom.

For any more information: lunatale@telenet.be or +32 (0)486 52 30 83