The girls

Official name: Ment to Be for LT


Tall : ± ? cm     Weight : 12 kg

Black/white : carrier tri-color

CEA/PRA : following

DNA CEA + CL + TNS + MDR1 + IGS : Normal
DNA DM + HM + PPL + SN + EAOD : Normal

HD = A  ED = 0/0 SD (OCD) = 0/0    LTV = Perfect

DNA footprint : Yes



Be, the puppy that actually belonged to Gin & Maverick ...
But now from Mai and Cougar, Maverick is her grandfather and I wanted to bring that line in for a long time.
Cougar, her father is from pure ISDS lines which I am a fan of.

Above 1 day

12 weeks

will get the chance to try do some agility for fun.
Wondering if she will have just as good jumping technique as mom and granddad Maverick.

her first time on sheep was amazing !
We hope she has as much as interest in these critures as we do :o)
But it looked promising already, so we will see what the future will bring us.

Be live with our friend Tom and his 3 dogs, Margot, Kollet & Lizz
Tom will raise Be and later they will join sports in what they both liked the most
I am very pleased that he welcome her into his home, my greatest thanks for this.

Be from day 1 till 7 weeks