The Boys

Official name : Never to Beat Luna Tale Dei Matiblu


Tall : 54 cm     Weight : 19 kilo

CEA/PRA : Free 2014/'15/'16/'17/'20/'21

Gonioscopie : Free

DNA CEA + CL + TNS + MDR1 + IGS : Normal
DNA DM + HM + PPL + SN + EAOD : Normal

DNA TNS - CL - MDR1 - IGS : Normal

DNA EAOD : Normal

DNA CEA/CH : Normal by parentage

DNA TNS : Normal

DNA CL : Normal

DNA MDR1 : Normal +/+

DNA IGS : Normal

HD = A      ED = O/O    SD (OCD) = 0/0

DNA-analyse : 184838

Breeding license : YES



HERE you can see Beat his offspring from outside my kennel
Because of different reasons but sure for his character, Beat is a stud dog for appropriate and approved bitches !
Beat inherits : black, brown and all in tri !

Beat a few weeks

Beat 3 years

Beat, our second male from Italy.
If you check out all Beat his ancestors, you'll see why we want him in our kennel.
He also is a very pleasant, relaxed dog with a nice will to please.

his first encounter with the agility field went smoothly, perhaps too smoothly for me, O)
He has the jumping technique I like to see in a dog and the speed is certainly more than adequate.
March '15 he got his license now he run competitions in FCI grade 3

In 2015 Beat ran his first International competition the Border Collie Classic
and ended at his Agility Course on the
2e place

Beat works very nice with the sheep and with style.
He has enough pressure to move a big flock of sheep easily.
During his first trial he ran a 3th place out of 12 teams :o)

If he can work or play with someone he's happy :o)

Beat from day 1 till 1 year