The Girls

Official name : : Lowlands Blacksmith Bute


CEA/PRA: 2012/2013/2014/2015

Tall : ± 50 cm     Weight : ± 15 kilo

DNA-CEA/CH : Normal by parentage

DNA-TNS : Normal

DNA-CL : Normal

DNA-MDR1 : Normal

DNA IGS : Normal

HD : A1      ED : 0/0       SD (OCD) : 0/0

DNA profile : 152492

Behavior test - Succeeded

Breeding certification : YES



A really special pup was born.
Her name is Lowland's Blacksmith Bute aka Bess
Her dam Deabei Drum and sire Jimmy Tyrone are both active in sheepherding,
as well as full time working on a flock of sheep.
Our girl Bess derives from nice sheepherding lines, and IPO as well.
Adding blood lines like LE to my kennel had always been high on my wish list!

Bess as a puppy

Bess started her agility training, and as we know,
her drive and motivation is very high and above that she also wants the do well!

Bess ended 1st place at the AC & JP during the clubchampionship and became clubchampion 2014 !!!

Bess is a very good listener with a lot of coolness.
She is not the strongest dog in the world but not weak either.
Bess has a natural wide flanks and is a very good listener.
Maybe she has a bit too much “eye” but that it is quite easy to loosen up.
Read more sheep perfectly and knows what she's doing !

Bess is living with our friends Lizette & Paul.
Thanks for giving her the perfect life with lots of work, love and walks.

Bess from day 1 till 1 year