The Boys

Official name : Shadow of air Zip for Luna Tale


Tall : ... cm     Weight : 9.400 kilo (4months)

Black/white : carrier Brown & 50% tri

CEA/PRA : Free 2020
Gonioscopie : Will follow

Complete DNA panel from My Dog DNA will follow

HD = To young     ED = To young   SD (OCD) = To young

Behavior test : follow
DNA-analyse : Will follow



Welcome Zip, son of Shadow of aire Ronnie & The Merrit of Stars Power Dogs (Mer).
On both sides of his parents we have many famous , great and healthy dogs in sport agility and some out of herding lines.
Why Not Zet From My Queen,
Eiri Greme Moss,
Sienna Alchera,
Fetch Granting Pleasure,
Sylvain Of Nagata House

Are a few names that probably let you dream about something big.

Zip 4 weeks

Zip 3 months

Zip 6 months

Zip will do agility in te future but for now e can enjoy being be a puppy !

Zip will get te chance to go on sheep, and we will see what is possible in the future.

Zip lives with our friends Sandra & Bernd and their dog Wookie.
Sandra will raise Zip and later they will be seen on agility competitions.
I am very pleased that they will welcome him into their home, my greatest thanks for this.

Zip first 6 months