LT Offspring

Gingerbell New Loox for Luna Tale

Loox is born in Italy

Loox ran grade 3 and ran the finals at the EO 2014 in Hungary !

He has more then 120 offspring.
We kept
Fine & Jade from him in the kennel and in the meantime we have 2 grand children from him Gin & Jill.

He did enough and can now enjoy his long walks
with his owners Ann & Willem.

Luna Tale Oh so Fine

Fine is born out of Shine & Loox

She ran grade 2 agility

She gave us 2 litters, were Jill is from.
She was an open nice girl that perfecty fit in our gang when she came over to sleep.

Now she can enjoy sport a whole year and her daughter Cyou that lives with her and Milou, Milan & Karin

Lowland's Blacksmith Bute aka Bess

Bess is born in the Netherlands

She run agility grade 2 and trials class 1

She got 4 litters were we kept Jade en Booh out of.

She is just a top dog in every way, easy going and very educational and obedient. We enjoyed her!
Now some sports for the FUN and walks with the owners.

Luna Tale MoonShine

Shine is born in our kennel

She ran agility grade 2

She has had 2 litters and we kept Fine out of that.

Geronimo Alkyra aka Jimi

Jimi is born in Tsjechië

Does run agility and herding sheep

Jimi lives with our friends Karen & Niels

He has 10 offsprings

Gorgeous Bam at LT of Magic Borders aka Bam

Bam is born in Austria

Runs flyball division 1 and doggydance and herding

Bam lives with our friends Kelly & Sabrina

Because of his father gave multiple offspring with epilepsy,
we did not use him as stud.

MTF Dear Roy

Roy is born in Norway
Runs agility grade 3
Herding sheep with pleasure and style
Roy lives with our friends Kristina & Guido

He has 35 offspring, out of 2 different girls there was 1 pup with epilepsy therefore he has been removed from breeding.

Astra Jack

Jack born in Scotland
Runs agility grade 2 will sure run in grad 3 in the future !
Jack lives with our friends Charlotte & Nico

Jack was early diagnosed with diabetes and is
therefore never used as a stud.

LT JayMoon

Moon born in my kennel out of Ejay
Runs agility grade 2 and trials klass 1
I have hold Shine out of her

LT Hurricane aka Caine

Caine born in my kennel.
Runs division 1 flyball FCI.
He lives with our friends Peter & Christel.

He has 46 offsprings, in one of his last litters there were 2 with epilepsy thats why he has been removed from breeding.

LT Ejay

Jay born in my kennel out of Luna.
She ran agility grade 2 & trials class 2
She's a real turbo girl in everything she does,
agility, herding as well as in canicross.

Somollis Chap

°02/09/2003           +05/01/2017
Chap born in Sweden out of pure working lines
He works with sheep as a hobby but certainly had
potential to run trials.

He has 32 offspring