LT Offspring

Legends are dogs that were connected with my kennel over the years some true hostfamily's
Some were used in breeding and some I didn't used because of health issues.
All these dogs have something special for me, bloodlines, charachter, drive, power, mindset, atletic and love.
Thanks to all hostfamilies, without you I couldn't keep on doing it in the right way.

  Oak Ace

Luna Tale Proud Jade Luna Tale Raise me up Gin

Luna Tale Unexpected Lynn Shadow of Aire Zip for Luna Tale

Gingerbell New Loox for Luna Tale

Luna Tale Oh so Fine

Lowland's Blacksmith Bute aka Bess

Luna Tale MoonShine

Geronimo Alkyra aka Jimi

Gorgeous Bam at LT of Magic Borders

My Trusted Friend Dear Roy

Astra Jack

Luna Tale JayMoon

Luna Tale Hurricane aka Caine

Luna Tale Ejay

Somollis Chap