The Girls

Official name : Luna Tale Trust Cya

B/b (carrier of tri)


Height : ± 50,5cm     Weight : ± 14 kilo

CEA/PRA : clear 2020/'23

My Dog DNA panel : Clear EAOD incl.

HD = A   ED = 0/0  SD = OC (onoffcial)  Spine = Perfect

Behavior test : YES

DNA code : YES


Cya, the puppy that was supposed to be black, the puppy that should listen to the name Me ...
Everything changed when I decided at 8 weeks,
Me changed to Cya, and black changed to brown ...
Booh, the apple of my eye, together with the jet black, athletic, lightning-fast male Cinna was
my dream combination for more than 2.5 years.
Cinna's roots lie in the sheep lines in England and this is already clearly noticeable in Cya.

Above 1 day

Above 1 year

Papa Cinna has an enormous drive in agility with a nice jumping technique and this in combination
with mama Booh who participated at the EO at the young age of 2 years and at 3 years,
was qualified in 3rd place for the FCI WC AG (after 6 courses).
It cannot be otherwise that these puppies have many sports qualities at a high level.
In addition, the cuddly characters and will to please of both parents makes it complete!

Above together with mama Booh

Cya 14 weeks

Cya 5,5 month

Cya 10 month

Cya loves to jump on everything from puppy on.
Now she can jump in agility and she loves it more and more, we run in graad 3.
If she can keep her head cool then she's not only very fast but then she also can turn tight.

is loving this the most for sure, its her way of living.
She works with style, has enough pressure to move heavier sheep/bigger flock
and can keep her distance for lighter sheep as Soay.
We have been training with Erik Holmhaard in Denmark and Caroline Linqvist in Sweden.
We will deffently go back for more trainings.

Cya from day 1 till 9 months