The Girls

Official name : Luna Tale Oh so Fine


Height : ± 51cm        Weight : ± 18 kilo

B/b (carrier of brown)

CEA/PRA: free 2015 - 2017

DNA CEA/CL + CL + TNS + MDR1 + : Normal

DNA IGS + HL1 + HL2 +HUU + MH : Normal

DNA MH : pending

HD = A       ED = 0/0       SD (OCD) = 0/0       Spin = Perfect

Breeding certificatet : YES   

Behavior test : YES

DNA code : 249852       



She's So Fine were my thoughts when I saw her for the first time.

Fine 1 week

Fine 11 months

Fine als volwassen

Papa Loox has more then 100 offspring and all healthy, this with his intelligence and perfection in combination with mum Shine
her cuddle, speed and will to please, I'm sure this little dog will be a great female and
in all sports could be deployed

Above with mom MoonShine

Above 11,5 weeks

Fine the beauty

Speed and power, this is all in one word what this girl is.
It must go forward and as quickly as possible !
She runs grade 2

Fine likes everything, playing, hiking, agility, herding, water games.
If she can become a team with her master Milou then she's always ready :o)

Fine lives with our friends Karin & Milou together their two other dogs, John & Quinty
I am very pleased that they welcome her into their home, my greatest thanks for this

Fine from day 1 till 11 months