The Boys

Official name : Gingerbell New Loox for Luna Tale

Date of Birth : °12/10/2010

Tall : 53 cm     Weight : 17,5 kilo

CEA/PRA : free 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014

Gonioscopie : Free

DNA CEA/CH : Normal by parents

DNA TNS : Normal

DNA CL : Normal

DNA MDR1 : Normal

DNA IGS : Normal

HD : B1   ED : 0/0   SD : 0/0

Behavior test - Succeeded

DNA-codeProgenus nr 125293

Breeding certificationYes-Very Good



HERE you can see Loox his offspring from outside my kennel & HERE from in my kennel !!!
Because of different reasons but sure for his enormous will to please, Loox is a stud dog for appropriate and approved bitches !
Loox inherits : black, brown and all in tri !
Since I received applications from abroad to send Loox frozen semen or fresh diluted semen,
this will be possible on request from now on.

Picture above: Loox first litter

Loox, our boy out of Italy.
His name; Because of his brown coat he will give Luna Tale a new look, hence "Loox" :o)
On his sire's side Loox goes back to outstanding working sheep dogs, and on the dam's side to sport dogs (agility, obedience & herding).
Loox comes with the perfect on/off switch. ;o)
He's got 200% of drive and attention whenever he's working for you, and he's all peace and quiet when you don't pay attention to him. Training on new locations, between a bunch of unknown people, waiting for his turn while other dogs are working,
... all of that is just a piece of cake!

Loox first training on the agility field.
Again he only had eyes for working, as we're already used to seeing him do !!!
He really did every single thing Ann asked him to do.
He's very very fast too.
He is not going only for the 200% but he also want to do it right.
And he's fast as lightning.
@ his first competition he run 2x clear and ended 1st in jumping & 2th in agility course.
Now he's running class 2, in his second competition he already got his first ticket to go to class 3!!!!

Loox also loves working with our sheep. He doesn't really have any natural ability in sheep herding,
but because he is so eager to learn and such a good listener, he could easily finish a novice trial!
Meanwhile he has quite a nice amount of offspring and it is clear to us that
Loox pups
show plenty of interest as well as style while working sheep, even as young as 3 months old. :-)
So obviously his offspring received the genes of Loox' father

Loox is a perfectionist and therefore obedience is the appropriate sport for him.
He also does this with conviction and enthusiasm.
Every time Loox competed he immediately earned enough points to move on which he walked into class 3 after 2 competitions :-)

Loox lives with our friends Ann & Willem and their dogs, among them Pip's sister, Luna Tale Haley.
Ann will raise Loox and later they will be seen on agility competitions, and probably in some others sports too.
I am very pleased that they will welcome him into their home, my greatest thanks for this.

Loox from day 1 till today