Luna Tale Jay-Moon
The Girls

Official name : Luna Tale Jay-Moon


CEA/PRA, free every year

Tall :48 cm        Weight : 15 kilo

DNA-CEA/CH : Normal by parentage

DNA-TNS : Normal by parentage

DNA-CL : Normal by parentage

DNA-MDR1 : Normal by parentage

HD : A1      ED : 0/0       SD (OCD): 0/0

DNA profile : Progenus nr 125292

Behavior test - Succeeded

Breeding certification : Yes 

 -   pedigree-info


When Ejay, my mom, first met my dad Theo it was clear from the start that grandma Luna had reserved a VIP spot !
If you check out all Moon's ancestors, you'll see that all we could do was...
agree with Luna. ;o)
She's a clever pup, very eager to eat but even more so to play. ;o)
She has conquered all the toys in our LUNA Tale PARK.
Whenever she's busy discovering the world, nothing escapes her attention.

is started with competitions at 15,5 months.
She has a lot of FUN doing it and is running class 2 now.
In 2012 she was selected to for the European Open Ag in Sweden !!!
She was just 2 years !

is working with sheep and already uses her eyes well, and the typical body posture is prominent.
She competed in her first trial at 12 months, gaining 67 points in her first run and 92 points in the second one.
She ended 5th out of 30 dogs, WOW we are so proud of this little one.

Moon is totally in love with this sport, she catch every frisbee :o)
We only have to improve our throws and then she is ready to beat them all.

Just me

Moon from day 1 till now