The Boys

Officiële naam : Luna Tale Very Dark Spotty


Hoogte : 50 cm     Gewicht : 17,5 kilo

CEA/PRA : Free 2022

Gonioscopie : Follow later

DNA panel of MY DOG DNA Normal by parent age
Including EAOD

HD=A   ED=0/0  SD=0/0 LTSV=Perfect

DNA-analyse : YES



Spotty aka Spot we kept out of our own breeding girl Jill & Duke
Spot is our 6th generation so we're very proud of this black boy.
At the moment he looks like daddy when we talk charcaterwise as he don't want to fight.

Day 1

Spot has working and herding lines behind him on both sides of his parents.
Eiri Greme Moss, Rayzer, Rising Sun Pepper, Gambling man of Shamrock,
Luna Tale Oh so Fine, Gingerbell New Loox for Luna Tale are a few of them.

Mom & me

Mom, me & daddy

Spot his herding test @ 3 months was super super good !
Just for us to see if he's interested, as this will not become his main sport.
But he did a second one at 4 months and it looked more and more promising.
Movie of this you can see on his movie page

Spot started with agility and we hope to get his license summer 2024

Spotty is living with my friends Katja & Klaas and daddy Duke & LT Mayo.
I am very pleased that they welcome him into there home, my greatest thanks for this.

Spotty from day 1 till 1 year