The Girls

Official name : Luna Tale Rising Star Jill


Height : ± 47 cm        Weight : ± ... kg( 9months)

Color : Black tri mottled - 50% carrier red - 50% Diluted

CEA/PRA: free 2018

DNA CEA/C + DM + CL + TNS + MDR1 : Normal

DNA IGS + HUU + IGS + HL1 + HL2 + MH : Normal

HD = to young    ED = to young   SD = to young    Rug = to young

Fokcertificaat : YES

Sociabilisatietest : YES

DNA analyse : pending      


Jill, is the 6th generation inside my kennel, incredibly proud and happy with it.
Sequence generation : Xennah aka Luna, Ejay, JayMoon, MoonShine, Fine and now Jill

Above 1 day

Above 3 weeks

Above 4 weeks

Both parents from Jill have a huge will to please, super affectionate to their boss,
considerated and very energetic & speed is their second name.

Above daddy Noxx met Jill

Jill will practice agility with Anke in the future.

Jill was very keen when she meet the sheep for the first time !
Now she first need to grow more before we start with training.
Very exciting to see how she will developpe.

lives with our friends Ria & Danny and there 2 girls Anke and Annelies and there other 3 dogs
Bieke, Jeep, LT Qty Taff
I am very pleased that they welcome her into their home, my greatest thanks for this

Jill from day 1 till 6 months