The Girls

Official name : Luna Tale Rising Star Jill


Height : ±49 cm        Weight : ± 13,2 kg

Color : Black tri mottled

CEA/PRA: free 2018/'21/'22

DNA IGS + HUU + IGS + HL1 + HL2 + MH : Normal
My DOG DNA : Clear incl EAOD

HD = A    ED = 0/0   SD = 0/0    Rug = Perfect

Fokcertificaat : YES

Sociabilisatietest : YES

DNA analyse : YES      


Jill, is the 6th generation inside my kennel, incredibly proud and happy with it.
Sequence generation : Xennah aka Luna, Ejay, JayMoon, MoonShine, Fine and now Jill

Both parents from Jill have a huge will to please, super affectionate to their boss,
considerated and very energetic & speed is their second name.

Above daddy Noxx met Jill

Jill is doing it for 200% just like she does do everything in life.
She is running grade 3 Intermediate at this moment.
She has a good focus to her handler and obstacles and speed more then enough as well..
She qualified herself for FCI AWC Agility in 2023

In 2023 Jill took part at the WC try-outs.
She ended on the
2e place and so 10 years after Pip, also she selected herself together with Anke for the
FCI AWC in Tsjechië both individual & team

Jill is very keen on sheep.
She had her basics and is by far my best lisner,
I just have to whisper a command and she respond directly to it !
I enjoyed training her.

lives with our friends Ria & Danny and there 2 girls Anke and Annelies and there other 3 dogs
Bieke, Jeep, LT Qty Taff
I am very pleased that they welcome her into their home, my greatest thanks for this

Jill from day 1 till 1 year